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We Offer a Host of Services to Accommodate Your Needs 

Early Prevention

Early treatment (also known as Phase-One) typically begins around age seven or eight. The goal of early treatment is to influence the growth of the jaw and certain bite problems, such as underbite, overbite, and crossbite. Early treatment also helps to make room for permanent teeth to come in properly, lessening the chance of extractions in the future. 

Adolescent Treatment

The goal of the second phase is to make sure each tooth has an exact location in the mouth where it is in harmony with the lips, cheeks, tongue, and other teeth. When this equilibrium is established, the teeth will function together properly. Phase two usually involves full upper and lower braces or Invisalign®.

Adult Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is no longer just for teens. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists states that one in five orthodontic patients is over the age of 21. Many adults are choosing to receive treatment because they understand the importance of maintaining their health, and they want to feel better about their appearance. Invisalign® provides an extremely cosmetic option for straightening teeth other than conventional braces. 


Invisalign® straightens your teeth without wires and brackets by using a series of clear, customized, removable appliances called aligners. It's virtually undetectable, which means hardly anyone will know that you're straightening your teeth.


AcceleDent® Aura is an FDA-cleared medical device designed for faster orthodontic treatment. It is used for 20 minutes daily at home during orthodontic treatment, along with your fixed braces or clear aligners. While proven to move teeth up to 50% faster with ease of use and hands-free. 

Conventional Braces

We offer a variety of braces such as clear braces, self-ligating braces, and metal braces. Clear braces are the most popular due to their cosmetic appeal. 


Retention is an important part of achieving a beautiful lifetime smile.  Maintaining the results you achieved during the treatment phase is key to the success of the entire orthodontic process. Your lifetime smile depends on you wearing retainers.